Founder, Programming & Design - North Coast

Victoria, BC — May 2016 - Present

After completing my degree I started a company to pursue bringing my music game Outrunner and music information retrieval tool UniMIR to market.


  • Design and program all projects including UniMIR (a music information retrieval tool for Unity) and North Coast's action music game Outrunner.
  • Seek out business and funding opportunities.

Programmer - Pretty Weird Games

Victoria, BC — June 2017 - April 2018

I worked as a contracted programmer on Pretty Weird’s unannounced debut strategy title. I can’t go into many details because of my NDA, but I advised on design decisions, and was responsible for all of the programming up to this point. My work involves me working with the Unity serializer, writing Unity editor extensions, designing and creating tools for designers, and writing code that can manage thousands of simultaneous game objects.


  • Implement UI, gameplay, and design tools.
  • Determine technical specifications for art assets.
  • Provide advice on gameplay and UI design.

Lead Programmer - 88 Digital

Toronto, Ontario — November 2016 - May 2017

I worked part time as a contracted programmer on 88 Digital's debut mobile title Sugar. My job consisted of more than programming though; it was up to me to determine technical requirements of assets, advise on design decisions such as the choice to add obstacles, and in general provide guidance on how to launch an app (what needs to be prepared for cert, what features need to be included in apps with IAP, content update cycle, etc.).


  • Implement the UI and game play.
  • Determine technical specifications for art assets.
  • Program animations.
  • Provide advice on design and additional features, for example cloud saves to persist character purchases across devices when using the in game currency.
  • Schedule post-release updates to optimize visibility.
  • Integrate native code libraries and SDKs for features such as Cloud Kit and Google Play Games Services.

Project Manager, Lead Design & Programming - Bathysphere

Victoria, British Columbia — January 2016 - April 2016

Bathysphere is an educational application for Google Cardboard I worked on in partnership with Fish Eye Project while attending the University of Victoria. It was publicly displayed and demoed at the Royal BC Museum as part of World's Oceans Day. I concepted the project, pitched it, did all of the UX design, and brought it all the way through to a beta product. I personally programmed the VR video playback system and object inspection systems for Bathysphere.


  • Concept and design all aspects of the product from user interactions, UI, and content.
  • Program user interactions in C# and integrate libraries and SDKs for Google Cardboard.
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary team to ensure all project deadlines were met.

Lead Design & Programming - Double Jump (formerly Dockyard Games)

Victoria, British Columbia — April 2014 - October 2014

During my time at Double Jump I essentially worked as a one man development team. I would design games and take them from concept to release almost entirely without help because of the tiny size of the company. I wrote 100% of the code for my projects, concepted artwork myself, and wrote the marketing materials myself. While at Dockyard Games I designed and developed the mobile hit Grappling Garry which has over half a million downloads and estimated worth of $150,000 USD.


  • Design mobile games from scratch including mechanics, characters, concepting art, designing UIs, and naming the game.
  • Program games and systems in C# with Unity.
  • Write native code for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Write marketing materials for the games.


BSc. in Computer Sciences, University of Victoria

September 2010 - April 2016

Notable areas of study included:

  • Networking
  • Database design & relational algebra
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • Simulations
  • Concurrency
  • Machine learning
  • Music information retrieval
  • Product design
  • Project management


  • Experienced with different languages and environments, notably C#, Python, and Java.
  • Experienced with version control tools like Git.
  • Comfortable in both Windows and Unix environments.
  • Interested in game design and development with an emphasis on music and virtual reality games.